Settling into motherhood

Mabel turns 8 weeks old on Tuesday and I feel like we’re starting to find our groove. Some random thoughts and updates:

  • I still have a low milk supply and we’re supplementing with formula. Though at this point she’s actually drinking more formula than breast milk. I still nurse at night and in the morning. Still give her the boob first for most feedings, but my supply is just not keeping up. I pump when I can ( averaging about 6-8 oz a day), but I’ve decided to not stress about it. I’ve made a conscious choice to just revel in my time with Mabel and not spend my days worrying about how I’m feeding her. If we’re curled up on the couch for an afternoon nap, I don’t walk away in order to pump, I just enjoy the sweet snuggles. The important thing is she’s being fed and growing rapidly.
  • Mabel is babbling and cooing up a storm these days. She’ll make squawking sounds to get our attention if we’re not right next to her. She’ll coo and try to copy our tones when we sing to her. It’s too too cute. 
  • we’ve found a nanny! We’re doing a nanny share with one of my friends/coworkers who has a 2 week old daughter. The nanny starts right after Labor Day and will just watch Mabel until my friend, L, goes back to work at the end of September. Then Nanny M will watch both babies at our house. Excited to have found someone that we had a connection with and who is very qualified. She’s bilingual and will speak Spanish to the girls, which I love. And she had excellent references. We had originally planned on just having a nanny for the first year and then enrolling Mabel in daycare next summer. However, we’re now thinking we might keep Nanny M longer if all goes well this year and the financial aspect of having a nanny isn’t too hard for us (though it definitely eats up a vast majority of our disposable income!).
  • We’re already thinking about Baby #2, if you can believe it. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, but we’re dreaming of a 2 kid family these days. We weren’t even sure we wanted a second kid until this week. Now we’re putting a timeline to it! If we still want a second kid at the beginning of 2018, we’ll go back to the fertility clinic and start the process again. I’ll have just turned 38 by that point, so I wouldn’t want to put it off much longer than that. Of course this all depends on our financial situation (can we really afford childcare for 2 kids?? Right now the answer is no).
  • Mabel is going through her second developmental leap and her sleep is suffering for it. She starts the night off beautifully and sleeps for 3-4 hours in her bassinet. But then it gets cray. She’ll wake up every hour or hour and a half and take forever to go back to sleep. This morning she just decided to start the day at 4:30am. Wide awake and giving me huge smiles, she was ready to go! Thankfully, S took over at that point so I could get a few hours of sleep. I hit the jackpot with my wife, I tell you.
  • I’m already nostalgic for the newborn she was 6 weeks ago. We went to visit my friend L and her brand new baby this past week. He baby had just turned 2 weeks old and I got all sappy thinking of Mabel at that age. I think it’s way too early to feel nostalgic but man, hearing those little newborn grunts just tugged at my heart strings. Hence the renewed talk of possibly having a second kid. 
  • Having said that, I am loving the new interactive Mabel. She really looks at us now, studies her toys and it feels like we’re having a conversation when she coos at us and we coo back. She responds to rattles now and will turn her head towards sounds. Practically overnight she transformed from a little blob to a tiny human that engages with us. It’s wonderful!

One thought on “Settling into motherhood

  1. Sorry she’s not sleeping well lately, but otherwise it sounds like things are going great. Congrats on finding an awesome nanny!! I already think about baby #2, and this one isn’t even born yet lol! I’m 38 now, so we definitely don’t want to wait too long after this one is born to start trying again…maybe a year, but we’ll see!!

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