12 weeks old

I can’t believe Mabel is 12 weeks old as of yesterday! It feels both like she’s been with us forever and like we just met her.

Some bullet points:

  • Mabel’s sleep schedule is still pretty wacky. She’s been going through Leap 3 and waking up every 2 hours during the night. She also tends to have a lot of gas and it seems to be part of the reason for her frequent wakes. I give her some gripe water right before putting her down, but it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. The good part: she’s a pretty good napper.
  • Speaking of napping, I finally got it together in terms of her nap schedule. The first 2 months, I naively thought Mabel would just fall asleep on her own when she was tired during the day – which resulted in a very cranky and overly tired baby every evening. Now I follow the 90 minute rule and create a window for her to nap after she’s been awake for 90 minutes. It has helped tremendously! She still fights it sometimes, but she usually naps 3-4 times a day for about an hour each time.
  • She smiles all the time. As soon as she wakes up in the morning, when we sing to her, when we dance around the house, when we respond to her coos with our own. She’s just a happy baby most of the time. Which makes the sleep deprivation so much easier to bear. 
  • She suddenly hates the ergo. I used to walk with her in the ergo every day and then suddenly she started screaming whenever she was in it. I took her to Target – she wouldn’t stay in it. I took her to Muir Woods- she only let me put her in it once she was asleep. I’m really hoping this is just a phase because I love wearing her. And it’s easier than always using the stroller. She recently outgrew the infant insert for the ergo, so maybe she doesn’t like how it feels now without the insert?
  • She’s starting to track toys smoothly across her vision, follow us with her eyes when we cross a room, turn her head toward our voices, etc. So cool to see new developments appear practically overnight.
  • Mabel will bat at her toys now on her activity mat and can sometimes grasp them. She also loves to grab our hair now when we hold her. Or tighten her arm around our necks. 
  • She’s grown fond of her lovey – a stuffed hedgehog with tags on it. She gnaws on it all the time.
  • Speaking of gnawing – the girl likes to chew on her hands nonstop unless I put the hedgehog in her lap. She sometimes sticks her fingers too far down her throat and will gag herself. Scares me to death!

This is my last week of maternity leave. Insert sad violin solo here. I love my job, I really do, but what I would give to spend Mabel’s first year at home with her. America really needs to get it together in terms of parental leave. 3 months is just way too soon to leave your baby. 

Alas, we do need my income, so off to work I go on Monday. And I’ve found myself going through some “work nesting” the last week or so. I’ll post about that in a couple days. Until then, here are some cute photos. 


9 thoughts on “12 weeks old

  1. So precious!!! Love those pictures. I can’t believe it has been 12 weeks! Congrats on having such a happy and healthy 3 month old!


  2. Oh my GOSH, she is so cute!! It’s so hard to leave them for work, although I found it does get easier. If you can, see if they’ll send photos for the first few days at least. I’ll be thinking of you come Monday, hoping all goes 110% smoothly.


  3. Can’t believe she’s 3 months already!! She’s really cute. Sounds like overall things are going well with you guys. Good luck returning to work, hope all goes well there too!


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