We’ve got this. I think.

What? How can Mabel be 5 months old now? While we still look back in awe at photos of her first few weeks of life, I have to say I really love this current phase. 

We babble to each other all day. She’s started making some consonant sounds, like gagagaga. Or babababa. She laughs at us when we make funny faces or dance around. So we basically just act like nonstop fools – doing whatever it takes to make her laugh. 

I feel like we’ve got a handle on the current situation. I’m sure this will change soon. Every time we get used to a routine, she goes and changes and keeps us on our toes. But right now – today – its really, really good.

Some bullet points

  • Mabel is rolling over like a champ. In fact, she now knows how to roll multiple times in a row in order to reach a toy out of reach. We’re in trouble once she’s fully mobile.
  • She likes to give us open mouth kisses. I think she’s in the beginning stages of teething, because she likes to clamp down on our chins or cheekbones with her gums. 
  • She’s obsessed with the cats. One cat is in poor health, so we keep her away from him. But the other cat, Boris, seems ok with her. She’s already pulled out clumps of his fur and he was ok with it. We’re trying to teach her to be gentle, but of course she’s not quite old enough to grasp the concept. We don’t leave them alone though, because I have no doubt Mabel would just pounce on him and freak him out. He’s also in trouble once she’s fully mobile. If a cat is in the room, she has laser focus and will look at nothing else.
  • S and I are sleeping in the same bed again! We were taking shifts sleeping in the nursery. At 3 months, Mabel insisted on sleeping on her belly. We’d put her down on her back and she’d immediately roll over on her stomach and pass out. So we stopped swaddling her, but we were scared her neck muscles weren’t quite strong enough for stomach sleeping so we wanted to be nearby. Now at 5 months, we’re confident she’s not going to suffocate at night. So we just keep an eye on her with the video monitor. Mabel still wakes up 2 times a night, but the sleep we get in between her wake ups is much better now. Also, we make sure all bedroom doors are wide open so we can reach her quickly.
  • Mabel can move a toy from one hand to the other and has this adorable concentration face when she’s inspecting whatever she’s holding. She furrows her brows a bit and does this quick panting, like a little puppy. 

Getting ready to enter the holiday season! So exciting to think we can start some family traditions now. The weather has turned chilly here so I’m loving the cozy home activities, like Sunday baking. Overall, I can’t complain these days.  


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