She’s baaaaaack. 

So I stopped breastfeeding just after Mabel turned 3 months old. My supply just went down to nil. I was pumping 3-4 times a day and my grand total was 2 oz. which meant it took 2 days just to pump 1 bottle worth of milk. So I stopped. 

That was 2 months ago, so I’ve been waiting for AF to rear her ugly head again.  I had some spotting over the weekend 2 weeks ago and I thought, hmm. Maybe my body is letting me off easy and that was my first period. 


Last Thursday she arrived with a vengeance. I didn’t even have anything with me. For someone who was waiting for it to happen, I was entirely unprepared. I got out the ol’ Fertility Friend app and saw that I was only 1 day behind when the app predicted I would start my period again. What do you know… 

I did not miss having my period.

So I’m tracking my cycles again. We’ve discussed having a second kid a lot, though we have no idea how we’d swing it financially. We have excellent health insurance that covers “infertility*” treatments, so the cost of getting pregnant is not what we’re worried about. It’s the cost of just HAVING 2 kids. And paying someone to take care of them while we work. Right now, we’re sort of feeling like “let’s see what the universe offers in the next year and reasses our situation.” 

So we’ll reassess our situation in early 2018. Until then, I’ll keep tracking. 

* I put infertility in quotes, not because I don’t think it’s real. But because the fertility clinic has to code our treatment as Infertility, even though, so far anyway, we haven’t had fertility issues.


2 thoughts on “She’s baaaaaack. 

  1. Equal parts shitty and exciting! Boy do I ever not miss my period… I wish it never had to come back. Tracking for fertility reasons was always fun for me though. I hope you get some fun out of the next 12 months of tracking 😊

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