Love and cute babies

After these past few heartbreaking days, I’ve been struggling to figure out how I can help. In any way. 

I’ve decided to focus on the micro-levels of my life. Be a patient mom. An encouraging wife. An accepting and kind friend. To let go of any grudges I might have been holding. We’re already donors to Planned Parenthood, but we’re now considering becoming monthly donors. Adding the ACLU into the small group of charities we support financially. We’ll be volunteering at our local food bank. 

We’re also focusing on the local politics. If the country doesn’t reflect the values we cherish, we want to at least make sure that Mabel’s hometown does. And we’re so lucky in that regard. Not only is California incredibly progressive (although the state definitely needs to get its shit together about the death penalty!), but the Bay Area is even more so. In our city, all of the bonds on the ballot that will be spent to repair our schools and revitalize neighborhoods passed with flying colors. We’ll start attending city council meetings when we can. Saying hello to our neighbors more frequently. 

There’s obviously a lot of anger in the middle of the country from people who feel left out of the economic recovery. But I refuse to let that anger seep into my life.  We are better than that. And I will fight it with love. Love trumps hate.

I’ve let all my friends know they are welcome to crash at our home any time they need a safe space. If anyone of you lovely ladies are in the Bay Area and need a place to vent, cry, or just snuggle a cute baby, our door is open to you. 

I wore a pantsuit yesterday for Mabel. As a way of showing her I’m still fighting for equality, tolerance, and civility. 

My friends and I have agreed to trade photos of cute babies and pets as a way to counter the anxiety and dread social media has started doling out. So I’m sharing some cute photos of our darling 5 1/2 month old. We started her out on purées recently after she showed interest in our food. So far she’s had rice cereal, puréed green beans, peas, and pumpkin. She’s also sitting in the bumbo chair pretty well these days.

Much love to everyone. We’ll get through this. Just keep up the good fight!


One thought on “Love and cute babies

  1. As a Canadian, I can’t totally understand where you are at but I sure can empathize. 💜. It’ll be hard not to turn to fear and stay the course with courage and determination and I truly believe good will prevail. It has to.
    And your girl is adorable!


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