Motherhood: 18.5 months later

Not sure if anyone will even read this, it’s been so long since I posted. 

Life has been exhausting, thrilling, sleep deprived, fulfilling, joyful and everything in between. I love being a mom. I am here on earth to be Mabel’s mom. And I can’t even really remember what life was like pre-Mabel. 

So what is Mabel like now at 18.5 months old? Resorting to bullet points here.

  • This kid needs the freedom to run around and blow off steam. She needs time outside every single day to run, jump, dig in the dirt, and turn over every rock and if she doesn’t get it, I pity the people around her at the end of the day. (Hint: that’s me and S)
  • She is saying new words every day, including various body parts, “tickle tickle tickle” to the baby she shares a nanny with, “EIEIO” when we sing Old McDonald Had a Farm, and she tries to sing “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” but just ends up wagging her finger and saying something along the lines of “mo mo monies mum mo med”
  • She eats pretty well. We have to chop things like broccoli up really small and hide it in pasta sauces, but she gobbles up her food and sometimes when she’s hungry she’ll just start listing all the food she knows. Which leads to her asking for a waffle at 2am. 
  • She calls herself MeMoo. Which means we now call her MeMoo more often than Mabel.
  • She loves looking at herself in the mirror. She’ll slowly walk by the mirror and nonchalantly watch herself. And then turn around and walk by the mirror again. She also likes to kiss her reflection. It’s adorable.
  • We’re reached the stage where she’ll randomly walk up and kiss us. And it melts my heart every time.
  • If you cough, Mabel will drop what she’s doing and walk across the room to pat your back and make sure you’re ok.
  • She’s a passionate girl and lashes out easily. We’re constantly saying “No hitting” and “we don’t hit people” and removing her from situations. She’s definitely in that boundary pushing, not-able-to-express-herself-verbally-so-she-gets-frustrated-and-throws-toys phase. We even spoke with her pediatrician about it and she said to just keep doing what we’re doing. M, her nanny, sometimes has to take Mabel into the kitchen away from the other kid M watches and sit with her until Mabel calms down. It’s a process.
  • She loves making people laugh. If she does something that makes us laugh, you can almost see the lightbulb go off in her head and she’ll keep doing it over and over. And over. 

So right now life is great. As soon as we get comfortable, Mabel changes it up on us, but each month we keep saying, “This is my favorite age.” 

I’ll try to be a bit better about posting updates. I do still read your journeys and it makes me so happy to read about the sucesses and the 2nd babies that are arriving for some of you! 


2 thoughts on “Motherhood: 18.5 months later

  1. It’s so good to hear an update from you! I’ve been curious! Mabel is SO CUTE, and I love that she’s passionate and a real fire cracker! As a mom to a shy, quiet girl part of me worries that she’ll be too passive later in life and won’t be able to fight for her rights, but I suppose even quiet people can be powerful in other ways… I just love girls who are fire crackers.
    Your description of motherhood is exactly how I feel. It’s such a crazy ride. Keep up the great momming!

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  2. So glad to hear from you! We’re seeing a lot of similar developments – and the random run up to hug my leg or kiss me is my favorite thing in the whole wide world! Glad to see some pics of your beautiful girl!

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