This looks familiar

Obligatory TTC Baby #2 Update

Yep. We’re doing it. No idea how we’re going to pay for childcare for two littles, but we’ll figure it out. We want another tiny human!

Our fertility clinic makes you have blood work done before you can see someone in person. So they put in the lab orders for me to go on either Day 2 or Day 3 of my next cycle. I totally thought we’d be in Texas for it visiting family and figured I’d just do it during my January cycle. Lo and behold, Aunt Flow arrived a tad early. So off I went this morning to the lab. I had forgotten how much blood they require. 12 vials!

I should get MOST of the results on my online patient portal this week. But a few they only tell you in person. Now I just have to call and schedule my first appt for sometime in mid January or early February! Excited, but also nervous. I’m 38. I was 35 when we were trying for Mabel. I’m a little nervous to see the comparison between my blood work now and 3 years ago. Hopefully my eggs have aged well.

While we’re on this subject, did any of you notice a change in your cycle length after having a baby? I used to have a solid 28-30 day cycle. I now have a 25 day cycle. Huh? Granted, I only start really tracking it and paying attention the last few months as we were discussing TTC again. But it’s been consistent these last 3 months. Exactly 25 days. Never had a cycle this short before. A little worried because my luteal phase is only 11 days. But my acupuncturist has once again armed me with disgusting herbs in the hopes of getting everything primed and ready. Fingers crossed they help lengthen my luteal phase.

Now off to sleep for a few hours before we hop on an early morning flight to go see my family for Christmas. Happy holidays everyone!!


5 thoughts on “This looks familiar

  1. Yay! How exciting! My wife had a short luteal phase that had us worried and she got pregnant with Linnea on the 3rd try. I’d mention it to your doc and probably get progesterone tested post-ovulation. GOOD LUCK!


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