Donor drama

It seems slightly dramatic to call it drama. But I like the sound of it.

We knew we wanted to use the same donor for Tiny Human #2 that we used for Mabel. He didn’t have any pregnancies listed on his profile when we picked him – which was just a month before we got pregnant. When we submitted to the sperm bank that we had a baby, they asked if we were interested in a sibling with the same donor and we said yes. So they said they tend to put vials aside for the Sibling Registry and for us to just let them know when we were TTCing again. For some reason, I guess because his profile said no pregnancies, I assumed we were the only family or maybe there was one other.

Fast forward to yesterday, when the sperm bank emailed me and said our donor had 4 FAMILIES and all 4 were interested in siblings. But they only had 7 vials left, so they were limiting each family to 1-2 vials. So if we wanted 2 vials we needed to order them ASAP. Cue panic!

Within 10 min (after texting S to confirm we wanted to do this) I whipped out my credit card, called the sperm bank and bought 2 vials. We really can’t afford to buy them right now, hence the credit card usage, but I would have been so stressed at the thought of being the family with just 1 vial. Just 1 shot at using the same donor! I’m stressed enough as it is at the thought of just 2 shots at this.

Before this, I was pretty laid back about TTC – still drinking coffee, taking prenatal vitamins but kinda sporadically, not really exercising or doing yoga. But that has changed. Now I’m only drinking decaf. I’m shaking up my diet to include more veggies and full fat dairy, and I’m back to stretching and doing fertility yoga moves. I feel the pressure now.

I got my blood work back and everything is normal. I was expecting changes from my fertility blood work 2.5 years ago, but it’s almost exactly the same, which is great. I have a phone consultation with the RE, same Dr. as last time, on Jan 15th. And then onto the in-person appt sometime after that. A little nervous about that first ultrasound, as last time I had a couple uterine polyps that had to be removed. Fingers crossed they haven’t grown back. I’m guessing we’ll be inseminating in March – if everything goes smoothly. Maybe April. Eeeek- that seems like no time!

Because we only have 2 vials of the Donor, I’ve considered asking to use clomid. For Mabel, I had a monitored cycle, no drugs, and the a trigger shot once I had a large enough follicle. Maybe if the first IUI doesn’t work, I’ll ask for clomis for round 2. It does seem weird to ask for it if my ovarian reserve is fine. I have no problem ovulating, just looking for ways to increase our odds.

Now for cute photos:

pretty sure Santa triggered Mabel’s fight or flight reflex. She didn’t unclench those fists until she left his lap.


9 thoughts on “Donor drama

  1. Great pics!! The Santa one is so funny! At least she’s not screaming 😛
    It’s too bad that families can’t make requests for more sperm to be donated. I wonder what a donor would think and do if the agency contacted him and said there was a demand for more of his genetic material…. Good luck with all of the fertility prep. Hopefully it works on the first try!

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  2. Wow sorry you were put under such pressure like that! I truly hope that those 2 vials will be more than enough to bring a sibling for Mabel. She’s absolutely adorable! I can’t get enough of those curls!!!

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  3. I totally feel you on the pressure and wanting to jump start things with Clomid! I’m currently in the midst of trying for a 3rd and we have a limited number of vials from our known donor. After the first unmedicated cycle didn’t work, I asked for Clomid even though I’m ovulating on my own and my hormone levels are normal. I’m looking forward to following your (hopefully short ) ttc #2 journey!!

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  4. I 100% understand the desire to have the same donor for siblings and… Due to unforeseen circumstances, our kids have different donors. Because we each carried one, this means they have 0 genetically in common. They are totally siblings and we are totally a family. I say this just to set your mind at ease and maybe take the pressure off. Do everything you can to make it work with those two vials but I here to remind everyone that if it doesn’t work, it’s still gonna work out. 💓💓

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  5. This is almost exactly our situation – 3 vials left, hoping for 2ish siblings. I get to use one or two to try, and we’re reserving one for IVF with my wife. This topic causes me sleep loss. I KNOW it will be totally fine if we have to use another donor, for some reason I just fixate on the idea that they should all be from the same donor. It’s ridiculous, but I’m trying to identify it and the anxiety to hopefully let it go. I’m currently weaning down breastfeedings to improve my response to Clomid so that when I use my first of two vials, I have multiple eggs for the sperm to choose from.

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