Big Fat Nope

So even though today is 14dpiui, I caved and took a test yesterday morning. It was undoubtedly negative. Not even a tiny hint of a second line.

I’m surprisingly ok with it. I didn’t have any major symptoms during the TWW, just the typical PMS/pregnancy symptoms of slight cramps, gassiness, and some moodiness.

AF hasn’t shown up yet, but she should by tomorrow. I’ve already emailed Dr. H to ask if we can use Clomid for this next cycle, only because it’s our last donor vial. And hopefully, we’ll get to have multiple ultrasounds before I surge so we can better track the follicle(s) growth.

If this next cycle doesn’t work, we’ll likely wait a month or so before trying again. My work schedule is crazy in April and I’ll be ovulating the week of a very large event I’m managing. I will definitely not have time for ultrasound appts that week.

Also, we’ll have to pick out a new donor. Just the thought of spending $800 for another vial makes my stomach hurt. Thank goodness we use a sperm bank we can drive to, so at least we don’t have to pay for shipping.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This next cycle might be the one!

Even though I was pretty laid back about this first try for Baby #2, I can feel myself starting to stress a bit about this next one. I’m gonna see if I can schedule an acupuncture appt right before this IUI and maybe one right after it too.

Send your sticky baby thoughts my way. I’m crossing my fingers for all of you TTCing out there right now! Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Big Fat Nope

  1. I’m sorry! We’ve used our last vial on this cycle (except the one reserved for my wife’s IVF). So, if this one doesn’t take, we’ll be shopping for a new donor too. I’m trying not to even think about that possibility! I hope Clomid works well for you!

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