Round Two

Just got back from my monitoring ultrasound. The Clomid queasiness went away after the first day. Yay! After that, I only noticed some moodiness. But at least I was able to recognize WHY I would suddenly be consumed with rage and I was able to calm myself down.

Before the appointment today, we decided that if the Clomid didn’t give me two viable eggs, we would cancel the cycle. The only reason we’re taking it is to up our chances, so we are lucky that we can be choosy and wait for the next cycle if need be.

It’s CD11 today and I went in to the appt. expecting to see two viable eggs, with a possible second ultrasound appt on Friday and a trigger shot this weekend and insemination on Monday.

What happened is we saw FOUR large eggs and will trigger tomorrow night. On my left ovary: 18mm, 16.5mm. On the right: 17mm, 17mm. (Is mm the unit of measurement? I can’t remember)

Granted, it’s not guaranteed that all 4 will ovulate. The 16.5 might stop growing before Saturday. But I’m feeling hopeful. The doctor wants to wait 1 more day before I take the trigger shot- to let them get a bit bigger. So I trigger Thursday night at 9:50pm and the IUI is scheduled for Saturday at 9:50am. I’m to keep taking OPKs and if I get a positive tomorrow morning, I should take the trigger shot in the morning and they’ll do the IUI Friday. I don’t think that’ll happen though. My OPK this morning was really light.

They did make me confirm that if all 4 eggs fertilize, we would be ok with “selective reduction” meaning they would reduce the fetus number down to 2. If we weren’t ok doing that, they would recommend canceling this cycle because of the higher ( but still really tiny) odds of multiples. We’re ok with this, though it makes me incredibly sad to think of choosing which ones to keep. Thankfully, the odds of all 4 fertilizing are really, really small.

So we’ve got the trigger shot in the fridge and now we just wait. Hoping cycle #2 is the lucky one, as it was with Mabel!

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