Change of Plans

So. Yeah.

I was told to keep taking OPKs and if it was positive this morning, I needed to take the trigger shot immediately and schedule an IUI on Friday.

Well, of course, I was surging this morning. I saw that I suddenly had a lot of fertile mucus this morning and thought, oh god. I bet I’m surging.

lol and behold, I was. I had just tested yesterday evening and it was still really light, so sometime between 6pm last night and 10am this morning, my LH shot through the roof.

So instead of giving myself the trigger tonight, I did it this morning. And the IUI is tomorrow at 10:50am instead of Saturday. Because ovulation is already in motion, taking the shot is really more of a “belt and suspenders” situation (my doctor’s words). We’re hoping it pushes my body to release all 4 eggs.

Thank goodness I picked up the sperm this morning. Almost scheduled the pick up for Friday, but actually thought to myself “what if I surge early?”

Fingers crossed this cycle is the one!


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