Still Not Pregnant

Work has been crazy this past month! One big event 2 weeks ago and another one in 3 weeks. So that’s kept me from updating. Also, we took a break from TTC this month, so it was great to just not think about it. Not track anything. Not worry about timing.

Not only did I not get pregnant on our last try, I started my period 4 DAYS EARLY! And then went on to have a 10-day long period! Wha??? I was so sure that having 4 large eggs would ensure success, but here we are.

I told our doctor about the early period and she wants to put me on progesterone for our next try. When I first started tracking my cycle last fall, I had 2 luteal phases that were only 10 or 11 days long, so I’m glad to be on the progesterone next time.

So we took this month off and it was so nice to just live life and not plan everything around doctors appt or worry if I schedule any morning meetings, they might conflict with the IUI timing.

Because we used the last of Mabel’s donor last month, we’ve had to pick out a new donor. S took the lead and narrowed it down to 3 guys. And together, we picked the one we liked most. We went by the same guidelines we used for Mabel – same hair and eye color as S, tall, and good family medical history. It was actually much easier than I thought.

So where are we now? Just waiting for my period to start. Our good friends had a baby last week and it brought out all our baby fever again. So the break was nice and needed, but we’re ready to get back on the TTC saddle.

In other news, Mabel turns 2 this month! How did this happen? Her birth feels like yesterday. I’m loving this stage for her. She’s stringing her words together and we’re able to have actual conversations. She asks for “mama ‘nuggles” now when we watch a movie. She’s loving music class. So much so that we’re getting her a small drum and some shakers for her birthday. Love watching her personality take shape.

2 thoughts on “Still Not Pregnant

  1. I could say “ditto” to nearly everything you wrote! We chose our second donor loosely on the same criteria you outlined. Also, I think progesterone sounds like a great idea – some doctors prescribe it as a matter of course, because it really has no downside (other than some of the unpleasant early pregnancy symptoms and the possibility of delaying a period if you’re not pregnant). I really hope this next cycle is it for both of us!

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