5th time’s the charm!

As you might have gathered from my silence, the 4th try did not work. So we went into the 5th try this month not feeling very hopeful and honestly, ready for a break.

I got a new job offer the day after we found out try #4 didn’t work. I accepted the offer and am very excited about it, but felt conflicted about TTCing with a brand new job. So our plan was to continue with try #5 since I wasn’t starting the new job until after this cycle, but if it didn’t work, we’d take a 3 month break from TTC.

I went into cycle #5 already daydreaming about our break. I was going to host happy hours with my friends, re-join the gym so I could get back in shape, and just focus on me and not live my life in 2 week segments.

We used Letrazole again but a higher dose – 10mg. We had 2 follicles, 1 on each ovary. But in true Nikki fashion, my body started surging the day of my monitoring cycle. So I took the trigger shot that morning and went to my appt. I had a 20+mm follicle on each ovary and we scheduled the IUI for the following morning.

The IUI was fine, but the sperm count was lower than usual, so I was convinced from the beginning it wasn’t going to happen for us. So I just continued planning for our long break.

10DPIUI I decided to take a pregnancy test. I was expecting it to be white, just to confirm that the trigger shot was out of my system. But instead I saw a very very faint line. My first thought was “Nope. It’s just the last of the shot in my system.” I didn’t tell S because I was certain it wasn’t a real positive.

Next morning, 11dpiui, I took another test and saw that the faint line had gotten a little darker. What?? I also had ZERO symptoms. With Mabel I knew I was pregnant before I took the test because I almost passed out on the train and I felt twinges in my boobs. I felt totally normal at this point.

I went out and bought more tests because I was still convinced it wasn’t positive. But what do you know, the new test said I was pregnant!

I told Sophia when she got home from work by having Mabel hand her the pregnancy test while wearing a shirt that said World’s Best Sister.

Needless to say, S was ecstatic! My reaction has been surprisingly subdued. My first thought was concern for Mabel and how she’ll react to not being an only child. I’m also a little concerned about my new job and having to tell them I’ll be out for maternity leave before I’ve even been there a year (I start that job tomorrow!). I don’t plan on telling them until I’m past the first trimester.

Even now, a week after we found out try #5 worked, I can’t quite work up the enthusiasm that S has. Is this normal? Don’t get me wrong, I so want this baby, but why am I not floating on air or dancing with glee yet? I have a warm glow when thinking about it, but I’m just not EXCITED like I thought I’d be. I’m assuming that will come?

Beta at 12dpiui was 45. Then we went on vacation for 5 days. I did another blood test as soon as we got back at 17dpiui and it was 624. Don’t know the doubling rate since we have the 5 day gap between the blood work, but 624 seems to be totally normal for this far along. Go again tomorrow to see where we’re at and hopefully schedule an ultrasound in the next couple of weeks.

Fingers crossed this guy sticks around!

5 thoughts on “5th time’s the charm!

  1. Congratulations! I can understand there would be a lot of conflicting feelings about the second, especially when you were expecting a break from TTC! I’m already more subdued about the thought of our #2 for many reasons. But you got that beak from TTC at least! Haha


  2. Woohooo! I completely understand the initial feeling with that second positive. Of course you’re happy, I think we just have so much more perspective and context than the first pregnancy when everything is rainbows and butterflies (and we’re rested, fit, and have time to solely focus on ourselves!) I finally got that “high” when we saw the bugger on the ultrasound, and then again for real when we learned the gender. It definitely helps make it more real and helps you bond with the tiny life inside.

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