Try #3

Life is full these days. With the nice weather upon us we finally cleaned up our backyard and used some savings to purchase a nice picnic table and seating area for the patio. Now we eat dinner outside almost every day. The veggie garden is growing and I’m excited for summer.

We threw a birthday party for S last weekend and it was a hit! Now onto Mabel’s party. She turns 2 next week, but we’re throwing her party on June 2. May is a busy month, man.

On the TTC front, I had my baseline ultrasound last week and everything looked good. Dr. H mixed things up this time and put me on Letrozole. No idea why, but I’m not complaining, as I had ZERO side effects. No mood swings, no headaches. I kept forgetting I was on it. I spent the last few days looking for fertile mucus, but it has yet to show up. I went it for an ultrasound yesterday (CD12) and had 2 dominant follicles. One was 15 and the other measured 13. Still small, so that explains why I haven’t seen any mucus yet. Even though Clomid gave me more large follicles, I still prefer Letrozole. I feel like myself instead of a hormone driven crazy person.

I normally have my positive OPK on CD13, so apparently this cycle is going a little more slowly. I go back in Friday morning (CD14) to check the follicle growth and was told to bring the trigger shot with me, as they might administer it right then for a Saturday IUI. If I get a positive OPK today or tomorrow morning, they’re going to give me an ovulation test in office as well to make sure I really am surging. Our last 2 tries, my body kept jumping ahead of the plan and surging before we got a chance to check the follicle growth a second time. I’m hopeful this cycle we can get ahead of my body and control the ovulation timing. I haven’t felt any of my typical ovulation symptoms yet.

I also am managing a large fundraising event this friday night, so all these dr appts in the middle of event prep is making this week super fun (sarcasm). I’m coming home after Mabel’s bedtime each day to make up for getting into the office late due to the appts. So ready for Saturday to get here so we can just relax for a bit.

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