Oh yeah, we’re on try #4

Sooo, yeah. The last IUI did not produce a pregnancy. I sorta knew that as I didn’t have any symptoms at all leading up to the test date. Normally, I don’t like to test, preferring to wait until my period starts. However, taking progesterone means my period won’t start until I stop the medication. And I can’t stop the medication until I know I’m not pregnant. Not ideal, but whatever. So I tested on 13piui. Big fat negative.

So onto the next round. The stats in bullet form:

  • Donor – same as last try. Though this is the last vial they have, so if this doesn’t work, we’ll have to pick a new one
  • Medication: 10mg Letrozole on CD3-7.
  • Monitoring ultrasound: June 14, CD11.
  • Follicles: 1 on my left at 19mm, 1 on my right at 18mm
  • Trigger: the night of June 14, CD11at 11:10pm
  • IUI – June 16, CD13 at 11:10am
  • Still on progesterone this cycle

So fingers crossed. Now that we’re halfway through the 2WW, we’re entering the part where I’m hyper aware of any tiny possible pregnancy symptoms. Trying to keep my mind off it.

One way I’m doing that is prepping for potty training! We’ve been very casual about it so far, but decided to go for it. I’m taking time off in early July so I can focus on it for 4 days straight. We decided that since Mabel is starting preschool in late August, we wanted to either train her now or wait a few months until she settled into school. Also, we feel better having her nanny help us in the first few weeks of training rather than her preschool teachers. Mabel totally trust Martha (her nanny) and I think she’s more likely to be successful with her that first month. So I’ve been reading the book “Oh Crap” in preparation and mentally prepping.

Gonna try to not test until Saturday, June 30. We have 2 different birthday parties lined up that day, so at least we have some fun things planned. And plenty of alcohol available if the test is negative.