This time is different

Before you get excited, I don’t mean different as in, I have symptoms and I think I’m pregnant. I mean different in that I keep forgetting that I could be pregnant! 

I kept track of every single possible symptom last time, but this cycle TTC is much more on the sidelines. Some coworkers were going out for drinks and I first thought, “yes! A margarita sounds perfect.” My brain stopped me and said “you shouldn’t be drinking.” It took me a solid few minutes to remember why I couldn’t drink this week. Sheesh. 

This week has flown by. Can’t believe we’re already halfway through this TWW. I ran a 5k last Saturday, the day after insemination. It was fine though. My body was prepared and I wasn’t overly exhausted by it. I can see why people get addicted to these races. I can totally see myself doing this again. My teammates mentioned an area marathon relay that happens in the spring. Each person on the relay team runs 10k of the marathon. I would normally be all for that, but I’m really hoping I’m pregnant by the spring.  So I think I’ll sit that race out. 

I’ve decided what we’re going to do for this cycle’s Fun Day aka Test Day. First, we’re going to check out Cream – an ice cream shop nearby that has homemade ice cream and homemade cookies – together equaling some scrumptious ice cream sandwiches! And then we’ll mosey on over to our town’s Cat Cafe. It’s a coffee shop that also features a giant room with rescue cats lounging around. For a small donation, you can spend an hour in the room with the cats, playing with all the cat toys in there. They limit the number of people in the room so the cats are never overwhelmed. The cats are all up for adoption and are just too precious. I’ve been once and it was magical. So I figure if we get a negative this cycle, rolling around on the floor playing with cats will make me feel much better 🙂

Symptom-wise, not much to report I’m afraid. The IUI went well last Friday and the NP who performed the procedure commented on my mucus and said the timing seemed to be great. But at 7DPIUI, I’ve felt a whole lotta nothing. Which I know doesn’t really mean anything. I have taken a little nap on the couch the last 2 days right after work – but work is also getting really busy, so it could just be your garden variety tiredness. We’re not going to test until I’m late. My luteal phase is pretty consistently 13-14 days, so if I haven’t started by next Friday afternoon, that’s a very good sign!!


10 thoughts on “This time is different

  1. Sending you baby dust! I was surprised when i got pregnant I didn’t have one symptom. But I was laid back and just like you forgot about the TWW. I hope it’s your month!!!

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